VR Science Tutoring

In science, Hands-On learning is key. Our VR Science Curriculum brings the entire world to your child, engaging them like no other course in the world. During our 10 Week program, your child can dissect a frog, visit forests around the world, and even travel to the farthest depths of space.

Intro to Coding

Every great coder has to start somewhere. Through our program, students as young as ten years old will have the opportunity to program a free-moving robot, learn the basics of object-oriented programming, and take their first steps into Javascript.

Advanced Coding

In our advanced course, students will make professional video games which we will help them sell through Steam and the Epic Game Store. Over the course of their time in our program, students will learn C#, a basic foundation in graphic design, and get regular feedback from instructors and peers on how to improve their code and design.