VR Stations

The main attraction! Each of our 8 core VR stations contain one VR system, a 43" TV, and seating for guests. Each station can be shared with up to 4 people with one playing at a time and has over 40 games to choose from. During your time you will be able to jump in and out of games and swap players as often as you'd like. We also have a variety of multiplayer games that can be played between stations.

360 Movies

Take a seat in our Cinema, powered by Oculus Rift headsets and experience VR in a more simplistic way. Choose from our assortment of 360 movies to travel to places far and wide from the comfort of our relaxing chairs. This is a non-interactive experience, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the view. You might even learn something along the way.

Front Defense

Front Defense is a one of a kind experience! Travel back to World War II and defend the front from the Axis Powers. Don your haptic feedback Woojer vest and feel the power of simulated gunfire through your body. How long can you hold the defense?

Free Roam

If Virtual Reality is the future, this is the future's future. Our cutting edge HPZ VR backpacks leave you completely free to move about the space, with no cords tying you down. There is no experience like it.

Immerse yourself on one of our HTC Vive Pro equipped VR Stations
30 Minutes
60 Minutes
Double Stall 30 Minutes
Double Stall 60 Minutes