Consulting for the Startup of an Esports League or Arena


“A wise man learns from the mistakes of other men.”

Chinese Fortune Cookie


Launching an esports league or arena is difficult. Paradigm consultants are among the most experienced in the United States at developing a facility, creating a gaming strategy, building a community and establishing direct and indirect revenue models.


Paradigm Consultant Experience & Background:


Initiated and managed 26 distinct esport tournaments

💡7 Fortnite

💡5 League of Legends

💡5 Overwatch

💡2 Rocket League

💡1 Creed Boxing in Virtual Reality

💡Acer Invitational for Big Ten Schools

💡St. Ambrose High School Challenge

💡3 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Oversaw Creation and Construction of Paradigm Esports Center

💡Worked with architects to draft plans

💡Interacted daily with electricians and builders during construction

💡Developed technology plan, including electrical and Internet loads

💡Worked with regulators and city administrators to introduce this new concept

Designed the Broadcast Ecosystem

💡Engineered the hardware switching and broadcasting setup

💡Setup the broadcast streams and setup the revenue tools for streaming

💡Trained the Twitchcasters, both play by play and color commentary

💡Created the marketing and advertising setup during intermissions


Paradigm Consulting Deliverables:


Advisement on developing an esports arena - big or small


    1. Size and shape of a stage
    2. Hardware requirements, including PC’s, mouse, headphones and monitors
    3. Broadcast setup for casting on Twitch, Mixer, Youtube and Facebook
    4. Cabling, wiring and wireless for multi-computer switching
    5. Internet pipe size and prioritization
    6. Access control for teams and attendees
    7. Seating and hang-out layout options
    8. Architect conversations or plan review
    9. Audio-Visual optimization
    10. Interior design, lighting and cost-saving measures
    11. Pre-launch market survey


Tournament Setup and Marketing Strategy and Creation


    1. Software options to manage team entry signup & tournament execution
    2. Building a community through social media tools
    3. Best options to consider for ticket sales and team sign up fees
    4. Finding tournament sponsors
    5. Prize money for winners
    6. Pros and cons of various game options: League of Legends, Overwatch, Fortnite, Smash Brothers, Rocket League, others
    7. Stage setup for specific games
    8. Intern utilization


Revenue Model Brainstorming


    1. Sponsorships
    2. Merchandise sales
    3. Sign-up fees
    4. Attendee ticket sales
    5. Streaming revenue
    6. Concession strategies
    7. Upsell activity options (Arena Pass or All-tournament Pass)


Other Challenge Paradigm Consultants Assist With


    1. Developing a plan to publicize through local news media and national esports blogs
    2. Creating alternative revenue uses for facilities during non-tournament hours
      1. Virtual reality gaming
      2. STEM and code school
      3. Corporate VR training
      4. Corporate and personal event rental


Fee Structure

$5,000 per month (two month minimum)

Economy class airfare + Hotel + $50 per day food and transportation stipend

Consultant time (monthly):

💡Two days on the ground

💡Four hours of phone/Webinar time

(563) 345-2506