Immerse your child in a world of science

Virtual reality takes every child to a world of their own, free of distractions and surrounded by wonder. In our science curriculum, provided by VictoryVR, they'll learn at their own pace about topics as varied as the engineering behind The Great Wall of China, the growth of coral reefs, and galaxies far beyond our own.

Guided by experts

Our science curriculum is aligned with the Next Gen Science Standards, and was chosen by Microsoft as its VR Partner in the educational space. Students will be taught directly by nationally renowned science teacher Wendy Martin, giving them full access to the best education possible.

A convenient and affordable program

For $275 students will engage once per week over the course of ten weeks. Paradigm's hours make it easy for students to come in any time after school or on weekends. Best of all, our program creates a genuine joy for learning as science becomes not merely approachable, but compelling.

● 10 Weeks of VR science tutoring

● Standards-aligned curriculum to the Next Gen Science Standards

● Chosen by Microsoft as its VR partner

● Includes an actual teacher turned into a hologram

● Virtual teacher: Wendy Martin, national finalist for teacher of the year

● Students learn with a virtual reality headset on

● Distraction free learning

● Customized for grade level

● Assessment results provided

● Virtual field trips around the world

● Virtual games and activities

● After school, or on weekends

● Creates a joy for learning



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