STEM Field Trips at Paradigm

● STOP ONE (six students): Virtual Reality Field Trips. Choose two field trips from 96 options, which include:

○ The Great Wall of China
○ Singapore Gardens
○ Iceland & its Volcanoes
○ The Redwood Forests of

● STOP THREE (six students): Augmented Reality STEM Park, which includes:

○ Dinosaur park
○ Explore the inside of a human body
○ Tour of planets, a space shuttle and the Mars rovers

● STOP TWO (six students): Virtual Reality Gamified Learning. Choose one of the

○ Animal dissection (frog, fetal pig, cat or shark)
○ Mel & Gerdy’s Cellular Biology Museum Tour
○ Newton’s House of Forces Amusement Park
○ Drive the Paradigm Starship to a black hole, the solar system & 4 other locations


● STOP FOUR (six students): Visit four cultural and historically significant locations in VR

○ Notre Dame Cathedral (pre-fire)
○ Summit Everest
○ The battle for French town in WWII
○ Under the Ocean with marine life

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