HTC Vive Pro Headset
The premiere market on the headset with a wide range of games at your disposal.
Oculus Rift
Our more affordable headset, with some of the best games on the market, including Beat Saber.
Free Roam VR
Use an HPZ Backpack and an HTC Vive Pro to experience Virtual Reality like nothing else: completely untethered. Explore the world in Google Earth VR or fend off the Zombie hordes in Arizona Sunshine, free from any tether.
VR Racing Seat
Hop in our Logitech powered racing seat, throw on a headset, and drop into Project Cars 2, for the most realistic racing simulation you'll find anywhere.
B Tier
$7/Hr; or $20/Day
Our most affordable PCs, they still run hot with an i5 CPU and a 1050 nvidia GPU
A Tier
$9/Hr; or $25/Day
Our mid level computers use a 1060 graphics card, keeping them at the top of the market.
S Tier
$13/Hr; or $35/Day
The best computers we have, these Acer Predators come complete with an Intel i7 CPU, Nvidia 1070 GPU, and Acer Mechanical Keyboard.
Monthly VR Pass
Get four 1-hour sessions on our HTC Vive a month for the heavily reduced price of $40.
Monthly Computer Pass
Get a month of unlimited time on our gaming computers for just $100 a month!